Live Summer Theatre & Comedy is Back!

Summer has arrived and after 3 years of uncertainty for the performing arts, it looks like #livetheatreisback is officially trending! At Stageworks we were so jazzed to be able to produce our recent  May 27 Comedy Show to a sold-out house – INDOORS! – something we haven’t been able to do for a couple of summers. In performing arts news , (we like to go to STIR, the online arts magazine to get the latest on shows and events), you can tell that there’s more happening this summer than there has been since 2020. More summer festivals and summer shows are coming back, and audiences seem ready to embrace the joy of being together at live indoor theatre again. 

Speaking of theatrical joy, Tightrope Impro Theatre brought it with their Gorilla Theatre improv at our Comedy Show night!! It’s no wonder this company, under the artistic direction of Jeff Gladstone, gets such rave reviews. We invited Jeff to also give a class and that too was a blast for everyone who participated. If you’ve been on the fence about trying an improv class, you can take the plunge with Tightrope with confidence that you’re in great hands with their instructors. They have all manner of classes going on this summer! We highly recommend.

A shout out also to Delta Stageworks associate artist Ragini Kapil who hosted the Comedy Show and gave us a taste of her stand up comedy material; a lot of great stories of growing up in Canada filtered through her experience as – as she describes it – “being the only brown person in the room”. We’re a better theatre company for Ragini sharing her voice and perspective with us.  

Summer is always the perfect time to see some live theatre or a comedy show. Check out STIR to see what’s on and get out there – you’ll have a great time.