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Delta Stageworks Presents
My Mother’s Story for Diverse Voices (Phase 2)
Writing and Storytelling Workshops 
with Marilyn Norry
October 2021-May 2022


“The challenge: Write the 2,000 word story of your mother’s life, from beginning to end, just the facts, where you are just one of the facts.” My Mother’s Story, by Marilyn Norry

After two sold-out workshops in May 2021, Delta Stageworks is pleased to be offering Phase 2 of a series of personal narrative writing and storytelling workshops with Marilyn Norry, Vancouver actor, writer, editor, educator and creator of the marvellously successful My Mother’s Story project. Since 2004, Marilyn’s workshops have been the catalyst for women – and men – in communities around the world to connect with their mother’s life story.


In the My Mother’s Story for Diverse Voices program, we invite participants – both women and men living in Delta – to explore the process of writing their mother’s life story and to also experience sharing their family history within a supportive community context.  What we know from past workshops is that the more the diversity of voices in the group, the more we all come away with a better understanding of the commonalities in our mother’s – and our own – life journeys.

“In writing this story you will discover things about yourself, your mother, and your family that perhaps you never knew before. This simple act will shine a light on a life that might otherwise be forgotten…you’ll also be declaring that women have an indelible space in our collective history.” 
Marilyn Norry

My Mother’s Story workshops are all about spending some quality time with the memories you have about your mother and exploring the times she lived in. It’s open to you whether your mother is still living or not. It’s accessible to everyone; even if you don’t consider yourself a writer! We also especially welcome participants who identify as culturally diverse and/or BIPOC.

Through a number of writing exercises you will build a chronology of your mother’s life, sift through important events, separate facts from emotion and arrive at a discovery draft. 

At Delta Stageworks, we have a commitment to foster diversity and inclusivity in our community through public arts activities and performances. Creating space for diverse community voices also a way in which we can all contribute to the larger history of women’s lived experiences in BC. “Greater Vancouver is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, and yet it’s surprisingly rare that we hear or see the life stories of women who come from this incredible cultural mosaic that’s all around us,” says Marilyn.
In Phase 2 of this project that continues in early 2022, interested participants can participate in storytelling (performance based) workshops with Marilyn Norry and artist associate Cory Haas. You will also have the opportunity to work with other professional theatre artists in the company. Our vision leads to a community-focused storytelling event in 2022.


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Georgia Primar, Delta Realtor

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“Thanks for leading the workshop I attended a while back. It gave me the chance to get unstuck and get her story written. More importantly the process allowed me to forgive her for things I had forgotten about and then move into celebrating who she really was. Your workshop helped me uncover the personal attributes that I inherited from her that are valuable and positive. So much gratitude.”   Cory Bretz, Campbell River, 2019

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Visit the My Mother’s Story online archives – an ongoing project of the My Mother’s Story foundation – to read some amazing women’s life  stories