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Current Projects

We’re thrilled to announce a new ‘My Mother’s Story for Diverse Voices Workshop’ series that welcomes women and men from the Delta community who identify as culturally or racially diverse to share their mother’s life story. The program runs in August 2021 with three writing and storytelling workshops on Sunday afternoons August 8, 15 and 22, led by Marilyn Norry, Delta Stageworks artist associate and author of ‘ Writing Women’s History, Starting with Your Mother’.

“The journey you’ll take over our 3 weeks together,” says Marilyn who has worked with communities across BC and around the world, “is to write the 2,000 word story of your mother’s life, from beginning to end, just the facts, where you are just one of the facts.” The My Mother’s Story workshop process is a transformative experience. “In writing this story you will discover things about yourself, your mother, and your family that will surprise and empower you,” says Marilyn. 

Beginning in the fall of 2020, the DSTS artistic team, led by workshop facilitator Cory Haas, has been holding workshops with members of the community using digital technology. We have gathered local stories through interviews, personal experiences and the media and through the theatre-making workshops, are shaping them into a project we plan to produce in 2021. 

Untold Stories: Delta BC in the 1920s (POSTPONED)

Delta Stageworks’ newest  storytelling project about life in Delta in the 1920s, is on hold due to the impact of the current public health crisis. This arts-based community development project involves professional artists working together with community members and groups in a process called collective creation. We create scenes and characters based on real life events and the lived experiences of people in Delta.

With the support of Delta Archives we gather historical documents, newspapers, letters and photographs to explore stories that are often lost or marginalized in traditional histories of Delta. 

For this project, Delta Stageworks has partnered with the Delta Heritage Society to provide public workshops, opportunities for youth engagement and a place for diverse community groups to network and shares stories with Delta audiences. Visit the Delta Heritage Society website: