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We are crowdfunding for our next production Heirlooms & Baggage (My Mother’s Story) coming in the early spring of 2023!  This show features Delta Stageworks company artists in collaboration with a dramaturge and a director. The show has emerged out of a year long series of writing workshops led by the show’s dramaturge Marilyn Norry My Mother’s Story for Diverse Voices

The show is about the stories of our mothers journeys through life – and what we learn from the heirlooms and  the baggage they leave us with. It’s a celebration of the universal in our mothers lives and a revelation about the personal relationship we have with them.

From the cost of renting a theatre, to props, lighting and paying our company of professional artists – it’s a big chunk of change – even with arts grant support! – to produce a show! We are grateful for any donation between $10-$100 you can make toward our costs of our 2023 production!

Every donation gets a thank you on our wall! If you are in the Vancouver area we are also offering some donation thank you gifts. 


  • Erica Bearss 
  •  Patricia Rogers
  • Sally Clark
  • Ragini Kapil
  • Jenn Griffin
  • Jyanwati Nath
  • Isabelle Harris
  • Joyce Hughes
  • Mike Greene
  • Carol Clark
  • Corilee Cotter