What Are Theatre Audiences Telling Us?


At Delta Stageworks we’ve been working with the idea for several years that meaningful theatre is an audience experience where the stories being told are genuinely connected to one’s community. Our theatre company tag line is ‘Local Theatre that Tells Local Stories’, and we aim to connect with audiences – and entertain them – through authentic local storytelling. 

Listening to audience feedback from our workshop production of Heirlooms & Baggage (My Mother’s Story) earlier this year was a bit of a litmus test for this idea for us as theatre-makers, and it was great to hear that audiences loved the seeing a show that comes from local storytellers experiences of and, moreover, that the diversity of those stories was a big part of what made their time in the theatre with us so enjoyable. Seeing the diversity of actors and hearing diverse mothers stories on stage was meaningful for them they told us. Which probably aligns with the universal truth that as audiences we seek to see ourselves reflected on stage! We want to witness stories and characters that reflect our own lived experience.

So with this wind in our sails, the company is excited about getting back into rehearsal and bringing Heirlooms & Baggage (My Mother’s Story) to the Genesis Theatre in Ladner, BC from Oct 12-15  (Preview show Oct 11) this fall with more stories and a huge amount of new theatricality that a being in a big theatre affords.

Back with the show are company members Camryn Chew, Peg Christopherson, Renee Iaci, Ragini Kapil and Eric Keenleyside. Company member Marilyn Norry is back to help shape the actors stories while Fran Gebhard directs. Bringing diversity, inclusion and heaps of exciting young talent and to our design & tech team is Christian Ching (Set & Projections), Keagan Elrick (Lighting), Devin Basil (Sound) and Emily Willcox (Stage Management).

Early Bird tickets are available through August 31 on our landing page. A Seniors discount code is also available by email: deltastageworks@gmail.com


What Are Theatre Audiences Telling Us?